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Essay about vehicular pollution

essay about vehicular pollution

tremendous. With the increase of industrial activity and decrease of forest coverage, carbon-di-oxide level is rising in the environment at a rate faster than the normal resulting in rising of world temperatures. It degrades its quality and makes it unfit or harmful for use. It took thousands of years to reach at today's level of progress, but it will not take even a day to go back to our days of origin. The recent success by the scientists in human gene mapping has marked another grand success in the field of medical science. Application of robots in surgery is already under experiment in Western countries.

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The Mammon worshipping has made us insensitive to the pollution problems we are creating for ourselves and our society. When more and more cars hit the roads, there is an increase in vehicular pollution. High cost now becomes a factor where the rich can only afford to get specialised medical facilities. Another environmental problem for Jamaica is land erosion master thesis in german company and deforestation. Once people dreamt of getting the moon in their hands. In these organisations, voice of the rich countries prevails to the neglect of the poor countries. It is true that almost all of us want to own a car. The community waste carries putrid organic matter.

Man-made sources are smoke, and  gases produced by burning of coal or oil. It has now been predicted that by the mid of the 21st century, many islands and parts of the countries will submerge under sea. Gradual decrease of conventional fuels like petroleum or coal has now led people to find out non-conventional fuel resources. Although technology has significantly advanced in the last few decades, cars and other vehicles are still run on fossil fuels like petrol and diesel.

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