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Essay on the heart of darkness

essay on the heart of darkness

colonialism and the Company's activities. Racism has two components - a belief in the inherent superiority of one race over another, and. 11 As Marlow continues his way up the Congo River, he encounters decay and death at an alarming rate. Several dramatic shifts in perspective characterise Marlow's changing reaction to the death of Kurtz in Conrad's Heart. Conrad's view is that to prevent such an existentialist crisis, the individual must exercise self-restraint to avoid giving into basic impulses and going mad. At this moment, Marlow comes to the realization that he too has his own heart of darkness. The next night, as the ship sailed down the Congo, Marlow witnesses Kurtzs death. Marlow is so eager to meet with Kurtz because he believes Kurtz is the man the will prove to him that there is good in the European presence in Africa.

Heart of Darkness Essay Bartleby

essay on the heart of darkness

As Kurtz died he said, The horror, the horror.(.62) I believe this" is a commentary on what man can do when not inhibited by societys restrictions. Kurtz is an intelligent and able yet deeply disturbing individual who during his time looking for ivory in the remote jungle has become an unrestrained and amoral megalomaniac. Later that night, Marlow tracks Kurtz off the ship and finds him watching some kind of tribal ceremony. Heart of Darkness deals with European imperialism in Africa during the 1890s. By the time, heart of Darkness was written the European powers had established colonies across most of the globe, though in the run up to the First World War they were already losing their political and administrative grip. One of the strong messages of the book is that what may be initially/superficially considered or expected to be 'light' is 'dark' (in whole or in part) and vice versa. He has come to realize that the flickering light of his own morals could not overcome the darkness of his human nature. Since its publication over one). Europeans considered it their duty to bring all that the Africans lacked in culture and civilization to the continent; thus, imperialism in Africa began. Kurtz's chilling final words reveal his epiphany about the true nature of man.

Analysis of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Essay Bartleby
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